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TERZI "Frèd" coffee (12 pcs.)

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The drink of the summer.

Single portion coffee obtained from Blend Terzi N.6 (100% Arabica) with mineral water.

Prepared with the "Cold Brew" method.

Ingredients: Coffee, Water.

Capacity: 200 ML.

Caffeine content about the same as a commercial Espresso.

We recommend consuming it cold from the fridge and opening it only at the moment of consumption.

If a clear, light drink with less dry extract and less body is preferred, we will serve it in a glass (with ice) slowly, delicately and carefully, as if it were a red wine, avoiding moving the bottom.

If, on the other hand, a more intense drink is preferred, richer in body and dry extract then we can, before opening it, shake it vigorously, as if it were a fruit juice.

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