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Tasting Box N.4 (4x 250 gr.)

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Box N.4 is the selection created by Manuel Terzi for those looking for an energizing, intense and full-bodied drink, without sacrificing the best quality.

Inside you will find 4 packs of 250 gr. of fine coffees, freshly harvested and roasted , handcrafted by Manuel Terzi.


☕ Suitable for preparation with Moka and Espresso machine.

The ideal selection for those

  • is looking for a intense and full-bodied drink
  • with a High caffeine content
  • persistent on the palate


1) India Parchment Kaapi Royale 18+ - Robusta Washed much appreciated

Intense, very creamy and syrupy in the cup.

Hints of spices, dried fruit and chocolate.

Rich in caffeine.

2) Indonesia Flores Wetpolished - Natural Robusta from a well-selected organic crop

Intense, very creamy and syrupy in the cup.

Fragrant, monochord, tannic with clear sensations of Cocoa and Chocolate.

Strong and clean persistence of taste in the mouth after swallowing.

Rich in caffeine.

3) Congo N2AAA - Selected Robusta from the native land of Robusta.

Cup profile intense, monochord and basically empyheumatic, bitter, tannic, creamy, full-bodied.

Hints of dried fruit, spicy, slightly chocolaty.

Intense and persistent on the palate after swallowing.

Rich in caffeine.

4) Blend Terzi N.5 - 100% Robusta

100% Robusta selected for an intense, syrupy and energizing blend.

Tendentially tannic, bitter and chocolaty.

Rich in caffeine


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