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Tasting Box N.1 (4x 250 gr.)

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Did you know that a fine coffee can boast an olfactory heritage of over 1500 aromas?

More than a vintage red wine. 🍷

Box N.1 is the selection created by Manuel Terzi for those who want to explore the aromaticity of a great fine coffee!

Inside you will find 4 packs of 250 gr. of fine coffees, freshly harvested and roasted , handcrafted by Manuel Terzi.


☕ Suitable for preparation with Moka and Espresso machine , also perfect for alternative methods such as Filter, Frenchpress and Napoletana .

The ideal selection for those

  • is looking for a aromatic drink
  • with a low caffeine content
  • to be consumed in purity
  • is not intimidated by a slightly stronger (positive) acidity .

🌺 Thanks to their sweet acidulous sensation they will leave you fresh and clean and the aromas of Fruits and Flowers will persist for a long time after tasting.


1) Ethiopia Sidamo Gr. 2 - Washed Arabica with great personality

Profile of fresh cup and acidulous fruity freshness.

Light and light body.

Fruity, citrus and floral scents.

2) Colombia Medellin Supremo - Washed Arabica among the finest in Colombia

Rather intense cup profile with a good acid / tannin balance, a sweet sour sensation that cleans the mouth well after drinking.

Sensations of toasted bread, dried fruit, flowers and pulp fruit.

3) Guatemala Flor de Coban - Elegant and persistent washed Arabica

Balanced and elegant cup profile, light and light body, good freshness of the oral cavity after drinking.

Hints of dried fruit and pulp fruit.

Good retronasal and aftertaste persistence.

4) Blend Terzi N.1 - 100% Arabica, Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting

Cup profile different from the others as it is closer to the traditional Italian espresso.

It has a moderate acidity content but still boasts an excellent aroma and elegance.

🥇 It was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting.


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